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Consulate of Russia in Japan

No one is safe from troubles, but getting out of unpleasant situations at home is much easier than in a foreign country. Going to Japan, you must first worry about your own safety.

The Land of the Rising Sun is safe for foreigners, but still do not forget that any kind of emergency can happen to anyone. For example, loss of documents, theft, traffic accident, natural or man-made accidents, etc.

Employees of embassies and consulates will become reliable helpers in such troubles, because their duties include assistance in ensuring the protection of the rights of their citizens. The Russians were lucky, the consular offices of Russia in Japan are as many as five! They are located in the following cities:

Before starting the trip, it is necessary to write down the addresses of the consulates. This will make it possible in case of any troubles to quickly contact the consul who will assist. It will be useful to keep the telephone numbers of consulate services so that you can contact the necessary department at any time.

Addresses and contacts of Russian consulates

Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in Tokyo

Address: 106-0041 Tokyo, Minato, Abzabudai, 2-1-1

(2-1-1, Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 106-0041).


(810813) 3583-42-24,
(810813) 3583-59-82,
(810813) 3583-42-97.
Phone in case of emergency: (+ 81-90) 396-546-39

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Niigata

Address: 950-0078, Niigata, Tuoku, Bandaijima, 5-1, 12th floor of the Bandaijima building,
(Chuo-ku, 5-1 Bandaijima, Bandaijima building, Niigata, 950-0078).

Phone: (8108125) 244-60-15.

Phone in case of emergency: (+ 81-90) 662-201-32

Consulate General of Russia in Osaka

Address: 560-0005, Osaka, Toyonaka, Nishi-Midorigaoka, 1-2-2 (Toyonaka-shi, NishiMidorigaoka 1-2-2, Osaka-fu, Japan, 560-0005).


(8108166) 848-34-52,
(8108166) 848-34-51.
Phone in case of emergency:

(+ 81-66) 84-834-51,
(+ 81-66) 84-834-52.
Consulate of Russia in Sapporo

Address: 064-0914 Sapporo, Chuo-ku, Minami-14, Nishi-12, 2-5
(826, Nishi 12-chome Minami 14-jo, Chuoku, Sapporo, Japan, 064-0914).


(8108111) 561-31-71,
(8108111) 561-31-72.
Phone in case of emergency:

(+ 81-11) 56-131-71,
(+ 81-11) 56-131-72.
Sapporo Consular Office in Hakodate

Address: 040-0054 Hakodate, Motomati, 14-1.

Phone: (8108138) 24-82-01.

Phone in case of emergency: (+ 81-38) 248-201

More details: https://tabitabi.ru/article/Russian_Consulate_in_Japan.html

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