Tokyo is not only the capital, but also the epicenter of all the most interesting and incredible that can only be found in Japan. Tourists who come to the Land…

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Japanese New Year (part 2)
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Japanese New Year (part 3)
And NOW THE MOST PLEASANT - GIFTS Interesting articles The first thing that comes to the Japanese mind: clay, paper, drawn, metal, plastic - any images and figures of the…

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The onset of July marks the beginning of the season of summer festivals. And even if in July the festival excitement does not reach its climax, the month will be more eventful with holidays and events than wet and rainy June. To start with, in July there are many fireworks festivals, including the famous festival on the Sumida River. But these are far from all the important events. If you purchased a tour to Japan in July or decided to relax in the summer in Japan on your own, pay attention to the list of the most anticipated July events so you don’t miss anything.

Time: July 4-8, main events July 6-7.

Venue: Ueno and Asakusa districts, Tokyo.

On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, the Japanese celebrate the Tanabata Festival or the Festival of Stars. According to legend, on this day, only once a year there are separated lovers – the shepherd Hikoboshi and the beautiful weaver Orihime (stars Altair and Vega). This is a very popular holiday in Japan, and vibrant, noisy festivals take place throughout the country.

One of the Tanabata festivals worth visiting is the Sitamati Tanabata Festival. The festival is held from Ueno to Kappabashi Street in Asakusa. But Asakusa will be the center of the celebration, so it’s best to get there from Asakusa Station. On July 4th and 8th, as a rule, nothing special happens, except for the custom of making wishes on paper strips, which are then hung on bamboo stems.

The weekend is when you should visit this festival, since on Saturday from 13:00 the main procession will take place, and you can see colorful performances of street artists. And on Sunday, visitors will be pleased with dances and other performances, and a flea market will also work. And, of course, these days souvenir stalls and food stalls will be installed on the streets so that festival guests can enjoy delicious festival food.

Time: July 13-14.

Venue: Yoyogi Park, Tokyo.

Perhaps it may seem ironic or even illogical that the festival, dedicated to the ocean and the beach, is held in Tokyo, in a city park, which, as they say, did not lie next to the embankment. But don’t be so strict! Not everyone has the time and opportunity to get out to sea at summer. Moreover, the best beaches in Japan are on Okinawa, and to go there on vacation is an expensive pleasure.

Ocean Peoples Tokyo is an event that unites all lovers of the ocean and the water element in general. And not only those who love beach activities or water sports, but also those who are ready to protect and maintain the environment and oppose pollution of water bodies. The festival will have a lot of delicious food, especially seafood, beach-related products and pleasant music. This is a great event for people of all ages.

Date: July 19-21

Location: Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Hawaii is a popular tourist destination in Japan, in addition, these two island countries have long established cultural ties, so it is not surprising that the Hawaiian festival is celebrated in Tokyo. If you will be in Tokyo this summer and get to Hula Fast, relax and imagine that you are on a Hawaiian beach.

The main celebration will begin on July 20. In different parts of Ikebukuro there will be competitions of different dance groups. The main performances will take place in West Gate Park, in addition to see how hula dancing is possible in Sunshine City and on the observation deck of Sky Deck Square in Toba. Do not get lost, join everyone dancing on Hula Night. You can even try to dance the blasphemy on stage. Anyone can dance, regardless of skill level or experience. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone, everyone is dancing this night!

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