FUJI-SAN. Ascent to the most famous mountain in Japan (part 1)
The view from the top of Mount Fuji to the clouds floating at the feet is one of the most cherished spectacles that every tourist probably dreams of when he…

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Japanese New Year (part 1)
Until the distant now, 1873, Japan lived according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The favorite winter holiday of all children and adults was “moving” - each time it was a…

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Consulate of Russia in Japan
No one is safe from troubles, but getting out of unpleasant situations at home is much easier than in a foreign country. Going to Japan, you must first worry about…

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In Japan, hundreds of different ski resorts are located, providing a wonderful opportunity to ride on the virgin snow. They are mainly focused on Hokkaido and Honshu. Most of them are not known internationally, but some are popular all over the world.

One of the most popular ski resorts is Niseko. Endless slopes, dense forests, active nightlife and cozy hospitality of local hotels will appeal to every tourist! If you are worried about the fact that people in Japan do not speak Russian or English, Niseko will prove to be a multinational place with wide language support.

Furano is another large resort, famous for its long ski slopes, the opportunity to ski in an almost family atmosphere. In addition, from Furano you can easily reach other areas suitable for skiing.

Another resort of Tomama is loved for its clean snowy slopes. as well as for entertainment for families with children. Here you will be met by a good selection of accommodation and services.

Shiga Kogen and Hakuba – large ski resorts suitable for skiing on the track. They also attract advanced and novice snowboarders from around the world! Hakuba also has an active nightlife and numerous restaurants serving English.

Nozawa Onsen invites guests to experience the delightful Japanese culture. The town itself is very charming and authentic. Here you can find many onsen (hot springs), where tourists like to relax after skiing on the slopes. It is possible to ski or snowboard.

Myoko Kogen is a group of ski resorts near Nagano. The main village, called Akakura Onsen, has retained some authenticity, but may offer language support for English-speaking guests. There are also childcare services and group lessons for skiing or snowboarding.

Among the guests of Japan, Zao Onsen is not very popular, however, he offers numerous opportunities for immersion in Japanese culture and relaxation at the hot springs! This is the most suitable place not only for those who have already reached the average level in skiing, but also for professionals and famous stars of skiing.

If you are interested in a resort near Tokyo, pay attention to the Yuzawa ski resort. The journey to it takes only an hour and a half on Shinkansen. Book our tour and we will provide you a pleasant and easy trip!

In short, when you find yourself in Japan in the winter, be sure to try yourself on snowboarding or skiing. You will be pleased not only with the high quality of the ski slopes, but also with a pleasant level of service, delicious food, the opportunity to take a dip in hot springs and fun activities for you and your children.

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