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FUJI-SAN. Ascent to the most famous mountain in Japan (part 2)
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How to apply for a visa to Japan quickly and profitably? Recommendations for beginners and experienced tourists from a Japanese company for organizing vacations for Russian-speaking tourists
MAY 22, 2019
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Majestic Fuji with its snow-covered hats, incredible beauty of palaces, bamboo groves and sakura gardens – now all this has become even easier. The land of the rising sun has made the procedure for obtaining a residence permit simple, and most importantly – affordable!

An affordable visa is not a myth, but a reality, both for Russians and citizens of Ukraine of the CIS. So how can you get a visa and go on an exciting journey to the slopes of the snowy Japanese Alps without much hassle?

For several years now, the Japanese authorities have been pursuing a fairly open policy with regard to foreign tourists, but this did not cause the cancellation of visa permits for staying in the country, including for citizens of the post-Soviet space.

Regardless of the purpose of the trip to this country, in any case you have to apply for a visa. The most affordable for ease of processing is a visa for a tourist. For her, the package of documents was minimized and the consular fee was completely canceled.

According to 2019, tourists are least likely to receive a refusal from the embassy, ​​but in order to successfully obtain the coveted permission, certain rules must be observed and some paperwork must be issued.
The simplification of visa relations did not cause the cancellation of transit residence visas, which still need to be issued to passengers traveling to various countries with transfers at Japanese airports.

Since express visa is not provided, it must be issued in advance, as with a tourist trip. But there are positive aspects to this. With a transit visa, you can stay in the country for 72 hours, and during this time you can get to know Japan a little better.

Despite the significant minimization of the required papers, consular agencies very carefully analyze them and, in the presence of errors or inaccuracies, refuse or return documents for revision.

It is especially difficult to correctly fill in the paper for those tourists who have never done this before.

Thus, you can get everything you need for a visa without outside help, but this is not so simple as it seems at first glance. It is better to contact experienced professionals from trusted companies.

The Japanese side is responsible for checking potential applicants for entry into the country. Checking papers is carried out very carefully. Sometimes foreigners may be refused a visa. This can happen in some cases, sometimes even in connection with errors in filling out forms.

As practice shows, the main reasons that can lead to failure include:

Indication of false or distorted data;
the presence of errors in the spelling of the name and surname made in the completed documentation;
mismatch of the declared period of stay in the country with the tickets provided;
committing unlawful acts during a previous stay in Japan;
provision of fake documents;
expired passport.

During the preparation of documentation, it is necessary to carefully fill in all the columns in order to avoid troubles and re-applying to the consulate.

Companies willing to help in applying for a visa, incl. and Japanese, now there are many, but how to choose the one that can quickly, efficiently and legally draw up documents for traveling to the Japanese islands?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the place of registration of the company. It is best to collaborate with companies that occupy strong positions directly in the Japanese travel services market. This will be the key to successful preparation and obtaining a visa, which will make it possible to go to Japan.

It’s important to review the reviews. You need to get acquainted with them not on the website of the same company, but on third-party portals (forums, otzoviks, etc.). If the majority responds positively, this will serve as a sign of good faith.

How long does it take to get a visa?

The consular examination of documents does not take a lot of time. It usually takes 4 business days. Sometimes the period is extended to 2 weeks. This happens only when it is necessary to further study the information provided or to double-check it.

The time spent on preparing the necessary documents depends on the tourist. In the case of the rapid provision of all data, you can go on a tour within a few weeks.

Can I save on a visa?

The tourist visa itself is issued free of charge at any consulate, but it is additionally necessary to pay (for residents of the regions) shipping services.

Only third-party services of companies that will help prepare documents are paid separately. In order to save money, it is better to cooperate with travel agencies providing comprehensive services: organizing holidays in Japan and visa assistance.

Mentioned companies usually make good discounts for both groups of tourists and individual travelers. There are frequent cases when visa centers offer a significant reduction in the cost of their services to each subsequent tourist during the purchase of a tour by a group of travelers. Of course, tourists who repeatedly turn to the same travel agency can also count on pleasant bonuses.
In order to obtain permission to enter Japan, it is enough to have a passport (foreign) and draw up documents for the rest, which can be either an officially acquired tour or other documents.

Here is a list of key documents that you will definitely need:

Passport (foreign). Please note that it must be valid for the entire period of rest!
Questionnaire, a sample of which is approved by the Japanese side.
Tourist voucher (airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc.) to prove the tourist purpose of the trip.
Photographs of the established form.
Tabitabi.ru is a Japanese company that organizes leisure and visa support for Russian-speaking tourists. For more than fifteen years, company specialists have been delighting their customers with interesting leisure and high-quality visa assistance.

Tabitabi.ru is an official Japanese tour operator, one of the directions of which is the organization of holidays in Japan and assistance in obtaining permits to enter the country.

Tabitabi specialists are experienced managers who know orientalists who can organize an unforgettable vacation in Japan.

The cost of the services of the company Tabitabi.ru

Many years of experience of our specialists will allow you to quickly get the long-awaited visa at a nice price (7000 rubles per 1 tourist, and each subsequent one – 1500 rubles).

Clients of the company can count on additional discounts and offers. Here is an example of the cost of visas for a group of tourists:

1 tourist – 7 thousand rubles;
2 tourists – 8500 rubles;
3 tourists 10 thousand rubles.
Traveling with Tabitabi.ru is profitable! Tourists who buy a tour to Japan at Tabitabi.ru get a visa for free!

Payment of additional services Tabitabi.ru

In the case of remote documentation (by proxy for filing), the company will send the original documents by mail. Shipping costs are not included in the initial price of the service package, so you will have to pay extra.

Shipping costs:

• EMS from 5 to 6 working days – 1000 rubles,

• Urgent shipment by DHL from 2 to 3 working days – 3300 rubles.

How to pay for company services

Due to the fact that “Tabitabi.ru” for the convenience of customers can provide assistance remotely, various payment methods are offered.

Payment of services for applying for a visa, as well as for buying a tour or excursion, can be done directly at the office in one of the partner companies or by bank transfer: to a Tabitabi.ru bank account or to one of the electronic wallets.

Partners of Tabitabi.ru are:

in St. Petersburg,
in Moscow,
in Vladivostok,
in Khabarovsk.
If you live in more distant cities, services can be provided remotely (with additional payment for shipping services). Do not put off until tomorrow!

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How to apply for a visa to Japan quickly and profitably? Recommendations for beginners and experienced tourists from a Japanese company for organizing vacations for Russian-speaking tourists AUTHOR COLLECTIVE MAY…


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