SIGNIFICANCE OF THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE FOR FOREIGNERS WHO DECIDED TO GET EDUCATION IN JAPAN Despite the openness of Japanese universities to foreign students, the country's educational institutions are characterized by…

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Sakura blossom time (part 2)
CALENDAR TIME FLOWER OF SAKURA Japanese cherry blossoms stretch from subtropical to temperate latitudes, so all seasonal changes smoothly flow from south to north. On the southernmost island of Japan,…

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What to see in Japan (part 1)
Japan is a country not everyone can understand. Its rich culture, carefully guarded and holy revered traditions are wonderfully combined with the extraordinary pace of development of high technology; crazy…

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Experienced tourists who have repeatedly visited foreign countries know that preparing documents for submission to the embassy is a painstaking task. It is not so simple to arrange everything independently as required by regulatory enactments. Most travelers decide to turn to specialists who will take all the mentioned chores on themselves.

Issues of visa support are now dealt with by many companies not only in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but also in other large cities of Russia. But there are often cases when they are not able to provide quality services, which becomes the reason for the refusal to issue a visa.

It is best to contact trusted companies that have been working in the field of tourism and visa support for several years. An important role in the quality of visa services is played by the place of registration and work of the company. For example, companies operating in the Japanese market and registered in Japan have a high credit of trust in the eyes of the Japanese authorities, so their visa denials are very low.

Visa facilitations touched not only the list of required securities, but also the cost. The Japanese government decided to completely abolish the consular fee for the Russians. But free visa processing can take place exclusively in the case of a tourist trip.

For other visas, the consular fee rates have not been canceled. If you decide to poison yourself in the Land of the Rising Sun for a long time, you will have to pay an additional cost for the visa.

Please note that a free visa means no consular fee. If you decide to buy not only a tour, but also order visa support services from a private company, then such services will be paid.

The Asian destination is quite popular, and many air routes to Asian resorts run through Japanese airports (most often Tokyo airports).

Tourists with connecting flights to Tokyo will also have to apply for a visa, but not a tourist visa, but a transit one. You need to worry about this in advance in order to avoid troubles with the border service on the road.

The list of documents and the procedure for issuing visas for transit passengers of Tokyo airports is simple and practically does not differ from the procedure for obtaining a tourist visa.
Our company has been working with Russian-speaking tourists in Japan for several years. Russia and the CIS countries have become a priority area of ​​work not only in organizing interesting tours to Japan, but also in visa matters.

The specialists of our company have been living in Tokyo for a long time, they know the domestic legislation of the country, therefore they are able to provide any support to tourists at a high professional level. was registered in Japan, but the demand for our services has led to the conclusion of an agreement on the provision of visa support in the following major cities of the Russian Federation:

in Moscow,
in St. Petersburg,
in Khabarovsk,
in Vladivostok.
For those who want to relax in Japan, it is not at all necessary to come to our partners with a request to provide visa support. The company’s specialists are ready to provide advice online.

You can apply for a visa and buy a tour today without leaving your home. To do this, call or write to us. The company will help to issue not only a tourist visa, but also any other visa.

The cost of visa registration services

For participants of the tour purchased in our company, a visa is provided for free! The only thing that will be required to pay the residents of Resion is the cost of sending documents – 1,000 rubles.

visa for 1 tourist – 7000 rubles;
visa for 2 tourists – 8500 rubles;
visa for 3 tourists – 10,000 rubles.
Group or family vacations are interesting and profitable. The first tourist from the group pays 7,000 rubles, each subsequent – 1,500 – the larger the group, the cheaper the permit to enter. Such prices are unlikely to be found in any other visa center.

In addition, tourists who apply for a visa may be provided with additional offers and discounts on excursions around the country. It is very beneficial to be a client, as evidenced by the reviews of our tourists who had a rest in 2019, in 2018 and in an earlier period.

Payment of additional services

If documents are processed remotely, the company will send the original documents by mail. Shipping costs are not included in the initial price of the service package, so you will have to pay extra.

Shipping costs:

EMS from 5 to 6 working days – 1000 rubles,
Urgent shipment by DHL from 2 to 3 working days – 3300 rubles.
Advantages of has long been providing travel services in the Land of the Rising Sun. The work is mainly aimed at tourists from the CIS countries and other Russian-speaking states. The company is licensed, therefore it is an official Japanese company for organizing visa support and recreation.

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What to see in Japan (part 2)
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